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It all started one day while I was sitting at my desk eating lunch. It was my first job out of college and so I would go down the street to a little sandwich shop, grab a sub and drink, then head back upstairs to continue working through lunch. Everyday I would grab the same brand of "enhanced water", and I quickly realized every flavor this company had to offer was atrocious! And that's when it hit me, we deserve better! That night I went back to my apartment and started researching vitamin enhanced flavored water, and the next morning TDS FormulaWater was born!

Now you may be wondering what TDS means, and that's a great question! It stands for "The Daily Standard", because that's what I want FormulaWater to be. I want it to be the "go-to" daily water of athletes, the after work runners, the CrossFit moms, the weekend worriers, and every single person who gets out of bed in the morning with the goal of being the best they can be!

Containing the leading nutrients at the maximum level of concentration, FormulaWater is rewriting the rulebook when it comes to vitamin enhanced flavored water. Our blend of vitamins and minerals provide you with the healthy and energizing benefits only natural ingredients can give you. Our B vitamins offer you natural energy, Vitamins A & E help your body fight harmful contaminants you come in contact with on a daily basis, while the electrolyte Potassium replenishes your body.

I have built this company around the motto of "Energy, Health, Hydration", and I will never settle for anything less than perfection when it comes to providing the people with a quality product!

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